Brogan Group are providing a full suite of access solutions on the newest stage of a Harrow mixed-use development, a former photographic manufacturing plant and research and development centre.

The 10-storey residential block will have a large number of Mast Climbers in both single and twin configuration for the brickwork, some of which will be fitted with sliding decks in order to navigate around balconies.

Several Brogan Hoists will be deployed to transport goods and personnel up to a maximum height of 31m. Brogan Scaffold works will include stairs, edge protection and loading bays.

The block is part of a wide plan for a completely new urban neighbourhood in Harrow with over 2,000 homes, restaurants, schools, and landscaped areas being constructed. Earlier stages have also seen Brogan involvement, supplying Hoists for 5, 6 and 8-storey blocks respectively.

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