The new Eircom headquarters, for which Brogan Group provided access, has been featured in the Irish Independent as its amazing and innovative, coloured lights - the first of their kind in Ireland - went on display for the first time.

The new and unusual lighting system illuminates the night sky around the massive Westgate development and dramatically transforms Dublin's Western skyline.

Engineers were testing the new lighting system last week on the building which is located across the road from Heuston Station.

Brogan Group supplied mastclimbers for the construction of the nine-storey structure for both main contractors, Pierse and for cladding company, Permasteelisa Ireland who installed the vast amount of glazing to the building that enables the dramatic effect created by sequences of internal and coloured light through the glass. 

Brogan have provided mastclimber access for other buildings in the massive Westgate development, earmarked as a Western gateway to the city, similar to the Eastern gateway made up of the docklands and IFSC area.

The lights enable the building to be illuminated in red, blue, pink or green in varying sequences and are the first example of their kind in Ireland. However, they have been used in other parts of the world such as The National Library of Belarus, which has a diamond shape that is lit at night using thousands of LED fixtures and the Full Moon Tower, the centrepiece of Galaxy Park in Tianjin, China, which also uses these lights to create a similar wow factor. 

The Eircom HQ building has also made the news during its construction for setting a 'headline in sustainability' - by using "green" cement. Ecocem Ireland were contracted to supply green cement for the new building, adding to the growing list of companies using this new cement product in major construction projects.

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