In the first half of 2018...

  • Our workforce completed over 40 different kinds of courses
  • 285 courses completed overall
  • Our scaffolders completed 55 CISRS courses
  • 17 different health and safety related courses - 165 courses completed
  • Courses completed with knowledge-leading organisations such as NASC, IPAF, FORS and CISRS, among others

Investing in People

We have continued to execute our plan to develop the Brogan Group workforce to the highest levels possible, both in the office, out on site and in the various management and coordination functions that bridge the two. We want those who work for us to continue to grow in their knowledge, develop their skills and to embody our core values of Safety, Performance, Innovation and Leadership.

The diversity of skills in our workforce enables us to be versatile, adaptive, intuitive and highly proficient when meeting the needs of our clients. This is evident in the various client touchpoints of our service cycle – from dedicated customer service, to bespoke design and package planning, to dynamic access solutions delivered on time and in budget for countless top tier contractors across the UK, Ireland and UAE.

In 2018 alone, our workforce completed 285 training programmes, making this our most prolific year yet for staff training and we're only half way through. We have enrolled and supported our staff in completing over 40 different kinds of courses with the gold-standard learning providers of the industry such as NASC, IPAF, FORS and CISRS, along with internationally accredited university courses within other business functions such as Design Engineering, Accounting and Business Development.

CISRS in London

As part of our constant, rolling investment in our skilled workers, we put our trainee scaffolders through 55 CISRS courses in the first half of 2018. Among these, 19 were COTS courses, demonstrating the fact that we have always been committed to cultivating talent in those we recognise as showing promise and dedication from the very start of their careers. The remaining 36 CISRS programmes provided further development training in advanced scaffolding, such as the erection and dismantlement of complex systems, as well as supervision and inspection. As most of our scaffolders are based in and around London, we benefit from a preferential relationship with Training for Construction, which is one of the few CISRS training centres in the capital. Therefore, we can always access training when we need it and can ensure the constant flow of necessary skills into the company as the lifeblood that sustains all our projects.

Innovation in health and safety

In adherence to one of our core values, and indeed one that we have been awarded for often, staff members were through 17 various health and safety related courses, with a total of 165 courses completed between January and June this year.

Our health and safety accomplishments have been recognised by the industry for decades. Our philosophy of both pre-emptive and responsive staff training and development has helped us maintain this acclamation. Attention to detail on site along with diverse experience and collective knowledge of health & safety practises has led us to various H & S innovations in our Hoist division and in our newer Common Tower division. Furthermore, reaching the 2017 milestone of 2 million man-hours accident-free attests to the integrity of our policies. Those who work with us know that we are uncompromising in our commitment to the safety of our clients, staff members and the public at all times. This is something that we were very proud to have recognised when we won our Silver Considerate Constructors Scheme National Company Award late last year. 

Beyond construction

Beyond industry-specific training, staff members are fully supported with further learning programmes, diplomas as well as bachelor and masters degrees. Having knowledgeable and skilled people within all departments will ensure consistently high levels of customer service and business sustainability.

Below are just a few courses that our staff have completed this year, fully funded by Brogan Group:

  • CISRS skills assessments
  • Advanced CPD Refreshers
  • CISRS Part 1, Part 2 and Advanced Tube and Fitting training
  • NASC SG4:15 training
  • NASC TG20:13 training
  • SSSTS - Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme
  • Operative and supervisory health and safety tests
  • Safe Pass training
  • Applied health and safety
  • MSc in Temporary Works and Construction Method Engineering
  • Temporary Works Coordination
  • Temporary Works Design

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