Brogan Group have recently successfully tendered for works at Kingston Police Station, the project is part of a refresh refurbishment programme for the Metropolitan Police.

Currently the building provides cellular and general offices for Kingston Metropolitan Police Service, administrative functions etc and canteen, locker and storage facilities. The existing custody suite has 10 cells, 2 charge stations, 2 interview rooms and a virtual court.

Our highly skilled site team who have all successfully undergone security clearance are due to start works in the next couple of days.  Access will be provided to facilitate the refurbishment of the current building.

The proposed works will increase the cell capacity to 20 with 4 charge stations making the suite fully adherent to the Dedicated Detention Officer model and 4 interview rooms. With only 10 cells, Kingston regularly have to transport their detainees to Sutton police station. An increase in the processing capabilities and thus the speed of detainee throughout, and the number of cells, will ensure a more proportionate facility for the Area.

This is the second station under the MPS framework that Brogan Group have provided access for,  the first bring Colindale Station which commenced in March. Brogan Group are pleased to provide access to a project which contributes towards a safer London.

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