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1 Feb 2010

Contract Awarded for Alberta House

We were recently awarded the access contract for Alberta House residential development by Higgins Construction.

The £23.5m project comprises 133 residential units in 3 separate buildings (blocks A,B,C), one of which is 25 storeys tall (Block A pictured above).

Our remit includes the provision of scaffolding, twin & single passenger/goods hoist and mastclimbers to all three blocks.

Initial works include the provision of 6 mastclimbers and 1 hoist to block C with masts up to 26m high. Further to this, 10 mastclimbers plus a twin hoist (again up to 26m high) will be supplied to Block B. Six mastclimbers and a hoist will also be supplied to Block A, with masts up to 80m high at later stages in the project.