A number of our staff both on site and off site have recently successfully completed Behavioural Safety training. The training aims to provide our workforce with an understanding of behavioural influences in the workplace and the benefits of reducing accidents, incidents and near misses.

The programme is operated in conjunction with our external Health & Safety consultants, Safety & Access Ltd, and is part of our ongoing commitment to health and safety in the workplace.

Upon completion of the course an individual will be aware of:
•    Legal duties of the employers & employees, 
•    Define hazards, risk & control methods and possible causes of accidents,
•    Understand the link between attitude, behaviour, consultation and co-operation
•    Appreciate the costs of poor safety performance
•    Appreciate the benefits of good safety performance
•    Understand the positives of reporting near misses

This programme is being rolled out across all of our workforce over the coming months to develop each individual's understanding of the influence that they have on the health and safety performance of the company in everything that they do.

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