Construction UK feature Common Tower and Colossus on the front page!

Our common tower and Colossus hoist are prominently featured in Construction UK Magazine's May edition. This custom combined access solution, designed for the construction of a unique London tower design, has been displayed on the front page of the publication. Brogan Group's inclusion on the front page was a prelude to a double page feature speaking about our works at The Madison project in Canary Wharf.

With a project value of £150 million, its elegant, slim design and glass 'fin' facade, The Madison is no doubt a landmark project for London. At 181m high and 53 storeys, the residential development will provide 423 apartments, including 100 affordable homes, along with a spa, gym, residents club and public landscaped gardens.

Brogan Group are providing the combined access solution of a common tower plus hoists for construction of the impressive structure. The tower allows for three access points into the building at each stage of erection via a staircase and two passenger/goods hoists. This is provided with minimal disruption to the façade of the building, due to its small number of tie- ins. It will grow in tandem with the tower as it's being constructed, enabling the transport of personnel and materials to the right place at the right time, all the time. This dynamic solution is a first for us and will showcase the superior power and efficiency of this system for building and fitting out high-rise structures, along with our commitment to innovation and to always devising the best solution for project requirements.

The two hoists supplied as part of the access design were configured with the common tower to provide an substantial total hoist capacity of 10.1 tonnes. This is made up of a twin hoist, with cages of 3200kg and 2900kg respectively, as well as our largest in the range, Colossus, with a L/W/H of 5m/3m/3.1m and 4000kg payload. We remain one of the only contractors in the capital with this capability. With increasingly more projects seeking to build higher and minimise their foot print, common tower and hoist schemes enable developers to produce rapid, efficient and safe project schedules.

See the front page (article is on p.16-17)

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