Brogan Group have secured the Hoist and Common Tower access package on a twin tower project in Canary Wharf, London, a scheme constructing 760 apartments.

The Common Tower, with its one point of contact with the 49-storey building will minimise interference to the programme of works. A number of Brogan Hoists directly tied to the Common tower, will alleviate the need for them to tie into the building, allowing Façade works to continue on the other elevations.

One of Brogan’s largest capacity Hoists, the ‘Mammoth’ will be deployed, with a cage size of 5.0 x 3.0m and a 4 Tonne max capacity, along with several twin configured Hoists.

The smaller 34-storey tower will be linked by a podium and serviced by another Brogan Hoist to basement level. A second Mammoth hoist and a twin will provide access for the fit-out on the front and a side elevation.

Once complete the Thames-view towers will contain over 200,000 sq ft of private-residence amenities, including a gym and communal workspaces.

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