2023 saw a big increase in the use of the Common Tower system for Brogan Group, with approximately 1000 meters of Common Tower installed in the UK and Ireland during the year on seven towers, a substantial increase on previous years.

The Common Tower system is a unique modular logistical tower for use on tall buildings that concentrates all hoisting access requirements to a single tower, thus minimising the area of cladding required to be left down.

All hoisting facilities can be arranged around and tied to it which reduces the need to leave openings for access elsewhere on the building façade.

Common Towers are still relatively under-utilised in the construction industry, although they have been in use for a number of years by Brogan Group (the first project the Madison building in Canary Wharf, London in 2017).

Common Towers have also been used in Dubai, Australia, the United States and Sweden as well as several prominent Buildings in London.

The largest Common Tower project for Brogan Group in 2023/2024 is Canary Wharf where 2 Common Towers were installed up to 170m in height with mammoth and twin passenger hoists on both.

See a drone's view of the development.

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