If you were in one of the planes pulling acrobatic manoeuvres above the grass airfield of the Little Gransden Air and Car Show this past Bank Holiday weekend you would have seen the nearby village of Gamlingay where Brogan Group have our main depot in the UK.

The event this weekend was a resounding success with Brogan Group helping towards their fundraising efforts for BBC Children in Need. Brogan involvement here was one of many places you could see Brogan’s support from the plane, dotted around the vicinity.

In the village of Waresley where we sponsor the Cricket Club, in Gamlingay where the local nursery and football club have seen our support and a few miles further in Biggleswade with scaffolding board donations to a local preschool garden.


So why do we do it?

Well, we recruit out of the local community, so when we give back with collective company support, we support activities and groups that our employees enjoy and benefit from, so making happier and more motivated employees.

We have a large number of employees at Gamlingay yard and office who service, supply and fabricate parts for our scaffolding and powered access solutions across London, the Southeast and increasingly into the Midlands and Northwest.

A number of staff members live in the community and take ownership of these initiatives and so it empowers them more to be involved. This is part of the ‘sweet spot’ of a successful Corporate Social Responsibility function for the wider Brogan Group, including activities that benefit everyone involved, that relate to our core business and the communities and environments we have direct contact with.

If you are interested in finding out more about employment opportunities at Brogan Group, including at our Gamlingay yard go to careers/99/

One of the local events we will be involved with soon is the upcoming Gamlingay Village Show on the 18th of September. Find out more about the show here: https://thegamlingayshow.co.uk/

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