Brogan's newest member to its logistics fleet

Construction has, in the past, had a bad name in terms of its impact on the environment. We believe that the innovative construction and architectural process should have a positive effect on the environment and on the lives of those who inhabit it.

When searching for a new addition to our ever-growing logistics fleet, one requirement that needs to be fulfilled is a vehicle that will aid us in our mission of reducing our carbon footprint in the day to day running’s of the business. The MAN Tractor unit fulfils this requirement.

Our new MAN vehicle also meets ULEZ standards ahead of the Ultra Low Emissions Zone that will come into effect in Central London from 8 April 2019. Most vehicles including cars and vans will need to meet new, tighter exhaust emission standards or pay a daily charge to travel within the area.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving safety for our employees and the general public, our new vehicle has been fitted with four digital cameras and a recording hard drive, which helps protect cyclists and pedestrians by substantially reducing blind spots in the driver’s field of sight.

We currently hold FORS Silver accreditation, with all our drivers taking part and completing FORS Safe Urban Driving for Vulnerable Road Users, Van Smart, Safety, Fuel, Cycle safety, and Parking and Loading Legally training courses.

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