Brogan Group have received a testimonial for our high standard of work at Project HAL, Broxbourne for News International. The Projects Department at News International wrote the testimonial to state their satisfaction with the standard and efficiency of our work on this project as well as our ability to adapt to tight time and access constraints. An excerpt from the testimonial sent by Eric Michaelides of the Projects Department can be seen below.

"We recently completed a project to install external signage for corporate branding of our high-tech Printing facility in Hertfordshire. A number of contractors were engaged in order to complete the installation which was complicated by the requirement to access remote locations of the building fascia during the 24/7 production of our national newspaper titles, The Times, The Sun, The News of the World and The Sunday Times.

The schedule for completing the works was constrained and late instruction given with a remit to have the signage completed for a very important site visit. All of the contractors involved worked hard to achieve the deadline. The signage was completed and the site cleared of any indication of the huge effort made to achieve the final result.

The installation team worked well together and interfaced with our Health & Safety, Fire, Security and Maintenance departments to achieve the tight program milestones. I would like to pass on my thanks to all those involved, please make sure your site guys get a pat on the back as they all worked hard to achieve the finished product"

"Special thanks to Paul and his team from the Brogan Group for their flexibility and resourcefulness in adapting to the requirements from the ever-changing program!"

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