The Natural History Museum Darwin Centre 2 project has now been completed and HBG Construction have expressed their thanks and gratitude for all the hard work and effort in making the project a success. 

Brogan group undertook the complex access requirements for the new cocoon-shaped wing of the Natural History Museum that will house 20 million plant and animal specimens.

The £78 million research centre Phase Two was designed by the Danish firm C.F.Meller Architects. 

Brogan group erected a fully boarded Cuplok independent scaffold which was cantilevered and bridged to follow the eight -storey buildings 'cocoon' contours, which is the largest structure of its type in the UK. 

The scaffold was designed to work with various trades in the construction of the cocoon and the installation of the curtain walling, as shown in the picture.

The setting out of the scaffold boarded levels from the main support structure was critical to ensure the finished polished plaster could be accurately applied evenly over the sloping and curved facade.

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