Brogan Group introduce the 'Colossus' to its range of hoists. As the name suggests, this giant passenger/goods hoist will be our biggest on offer to date and is the largest of its kind in the market. With a length of 5 metres, a width of 3.1 metres and a height of 3.1 metres, it can safely carry 40 passengers or 4000kg up to 350m high at a lifting speed of 40 metres per minute.

Colossus will be used in conjunction with our common user towers for the construction of the £150m Madison Tower in London. This 53 storey tower in Canary Wharf is due to commence in the next few weeks.

Employing common user towers with Colossus hoists allows clients to safely transport considerable amounts of material and personnel to optimum working heights. The combined system of common user towers and hoists for high-rise construction allows for faster and more efficient builds as lower floors can be fitted out, while the upper floors are still under construction.

On completion, The Madison will represent, not only a London landmark, but a landmark project for Brogan Group, being the first combined use of common towers and Colossus hoists. This demonstrates our commitment to innovation and using the latest access technology to enable clients to build bigger and better.

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