Brogan Group provide scaffolding for Marcus Lyall installation. 

Brogan Group were approached by Marcus Lyall and Caroline of Illuminate productions (also in charge of Merge Festival) to design and build a scaffold frame for an art installation at Merge Bankside Arts Festival named ‘On Your Wavelength’. The frame needed to accommodate 4x 4m diameter steel hoops spaced 2.4m apart to form a tunnel like structure 16m in length.

Tube and fittings were used to build the frame with eight 4m diameter steel hoops fixed with oyster clamps at exact locations. Oyster clamps were used rather than right angled couplers so no bolts would protrude through the steel rings. The artists requested that no scaffolding be visible through the centre of the steel hoops, as it would impede on the lasers that beam through the tunnel.

‘On Your Wavelength’ is a laser and sound installation by Lyall, a British artist who makes stage visuals for The Chemical Brothers and Metallica, with a soundtrack by Rob Thomas.

The piece enables visitors to control a real-time laser and audio composition using their minds. The participant wears an EEG head-set that monitors their brain’s electrical activity. Data from the head-set is interpreted by computer software and sent to the laser and audio system, allowing the thought patterns of the participant to directly change the physical light and sound surrounding them.

A unique ‘brain signature’ is generated for each user, creating a truly unique and personal experience. It happens inside a specially-built environment, a tunnel which allows participants to stand in their own space and be seen by an audience.

The piece is located on America Street in Bankside and is open from the 18th September – 18th October 2015.


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