Brogan Group support Crossrail project in West London


The Elizabeth Line, which is due for completion in December 2018, is one of the largest construction projects conducted by TFL. The project includes the build of 10 brand new stations and the upgrade of 30 existing stations on the line, ensuring that there is adequate infrastructure to deal with an inevitably drastic increase in demand. Crossrail, who are fully subsidised by Transport for London, are responsible for the construction and management of this 60 mile line running from the east to west of London. It is expected that this service will be used by 200 million people per year. 

A station that needs rennovation to support the Elizabeth Line is Hayes and Harlington, which is in West London, two stops away from London Paddington. Already accommodating for thousands of commuters every year, it has been important for Crossrail to provide as little disruption as possible for passengers, limiting delays and ensuring that station infrastructure remains safe and functional.

Our role during this project was to install lacing and bracing supports to the existing platform canopy roof to provide lateral stability during the cutting and sectional removal works by crane prior to its demolition.

Brogan Group installed a lattice beam framework below the old roof to provide lighting gantries to ensure the station platforms remained functional for commuters during the ongoing works to replace the canopies over the next 6 months. 

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