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1 Dec 2008

Brogan Group strikes out at Gracechurch Street

The culmination of works at 20 Gracechurch Street is now in sight. The refurbishment of this 19-storey building has been a complex project and the restored building is beginning to be revealed. Brogan Group began striking the external elevations of scaffolding from the seventh floor down early this month.

Two thirds of the temporary roof on the seventh floor has now been dismantled whilst internally, the main atrium has seen the re-erection of scaffolding to allow the fitting of its internal glazing units. The large and complex external gantry will be dismantled over the Christmas period. 

Brogan Group built a bridged loading bay in St. Georges yard (the court yard of the building), to enable access into the ground floor of the building. This was designed to take the heavy glazing pallets required to complete the façade.