Brogan Group have signed a partnership agreement with Xena Systems, supplier of the largest and most flexible fleet of dedicated loading platforms (Cantilever steel loading bays) and crane loading systems in Europe.

As a result of striking this new partnership deal with Xena, Brogan Group are launching a complete range of Xena loading platforms in Ireland as exclusive providers to the Irish market. Brogan Group will be the sole provider of the innovative Xena platforms (rolling, fixed and underslung) and loading systems (combination of platforms plus crane) to Irish clients and will also offer the largest fleet of platforms to their customers in the UK as part of this new deal.

Xena will provide Brogan Group with the platforms and special cranes which will be installed and serviced by Brogan in Ireland. As 75% of installations require non-standard specifications, Xena will also bring to the partnership their specialist engineering capabilities for design and fabrication of custom-made platforms. 

Full technical and engineering support will be provided by Xena, who will also train Brogan staff on installation methods. Brogan have ample facilities in both Dublin and Cork equipped to carry out all of the service requirements.

Xena Systems pioneered the use of fixed and patented rolling loading platforms as a productivity tool in fitting out multi storey structures. They were the first to offer combination crane and loading platform solutions that release fixed tower cranes for other tasks, creating a truly cost-effective loading system.

The Xena range of loading platforms and cranes provide an easy and convenient way to transport materials direct to all working levels.

With building space becoming increasingly expensive, more demands are being placed on construction companies to build taller buildings with smaller footprints. This presents complicated loading and access challenges which can be conveniently met with the use of Xena's unique system of loading platforms and cranage.

The versatile range of Xena platforms and cranes are designed, manufactured and tested in the UK to the highest standards. All loading platforms are certified to 125% overload tests, complying with the legal requirements of the UK construction industry.

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