Brogan Group have been selected to join a network of 60 London-based SME’s looking to establish leading CSR initiatives throughout 2018. Heart of the City, as a network, operate to provide enterprises in the capital with the necessary means to strengthen the communities that they are such an important part of.

We are a progressive business both in how we perform and in our general operations. Brogan Group is always looking to exceed environmental requirements in the industry, maintain a diverse workforce and uphold high safety standards. However, despite our track record, we recognise the need to go further.

Heart of the City are at the forefront of business ethics and responsibility in the UK. Considering this, we are determined to utilise their expertise to identify how we can do even more.

We look forward to establishing open communications with community leaders and company employees. This will allow us to properly identify the relevant needs of those we can make a positive impact on. With this wider understanding of social needs gained from community members, company stakeholders and industry experts, we expect to be fully equipped when boosting employee engagement and initiating efficient, focussed and meaningful social responsibility strategies.

We would like to thank Heart of the City and the City of London Corporation for allowing us to join their newcomers programme, which will operate from January to December of 2018.

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