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1 Mar 2009

Brogan Group Scores High in Carillion's Contractors Safety League

We are pleased to announce that we came top in the first of Carillion’s Contractors Safety League table at the Heathrow T5C site with a total score of 82% over the following categories;

•    Supervision
•    House Keeping
•    PPE
•    DWB Returns
•    Maintaining Safety record
•    Inspection reports issued and actioned
•    Tool box talks/ RAMS Briefings
•    4c'S attendance
•    Plant and Equipment
•    Manual Handling
•    Working at height
•    RAMS
•    SAG Attendance
•    Supplier Safety Advisor visits
•    Safety Perception

Carillion‘s Contractors Safety League is part of their overall target zero scheme, which aims to create, develop and maintain a culture of zero tolerance to accidents and Health & Safety risks in all their workplaces.

At Brogan Group, Health & Safety is our highest priority and our team incorporates practical scaffolding experience along with professional health and safety practices whilst working with our clients throughout the lifecycle of the project and beyond. This is turn continues to develop our pro-active and collaborative relationship with our clients.