We are now one of the few access contractors in the capital that can offer design, hire and installation of common user towers – a dynamic access solution that enables smoother construction programmes for high tower designs.

High-rise tower projects are on the up in and around London and the numbers are rising still. According to the 2017 London Tall Buildings survey, there are now 455 towers in the pipeline, of which 420 are marked out for residential.

With the number of new skyscrapers and tower developments transforming the capital’s skyline already, and this number set to climb further in the next few years, contractors need efficient and fit for purpose access solutions more than ever before. Common user towers and hoists make the construction of high-rise structures (up to 300m high) more efficient in terms of cost, time and money and greatly improve building logistics.

Employing common user towers affords maximum capacity for the transport of materials and personnel to optimum working heights with minimum interference, due to the fact that much less tie ins are required.

We are already actively working with contractors to help in the design of combined access solutions, including common towers, for major skyscraper developments due to commence in 2018/2019.

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