Brogan Group have been awarded a Lighthouse Champions certificate for the company’s efforts to raise money for the charity in 2020.

On the 1st December last year, we launched our online Christmas game whereby the company offered to donate £1 to the Lighthouse Charity for every person who played the game. Thanks to everyone who played we were able to donate a substantial amount the Construction industry Charity.

In total we had over 400 entries on the leader board and the game was played 1,774 times in total. Six winners were selected at random in our prize draw. Congratulations to winners and a big thank you to everyone who played the game.

Michelle Finnerty, Lighthouse Marketing manager said: ‘Thank you most sincerely for the money raised for us at your Lighthouse Day Online Christmas Game. As you know, our charity’s primary purpose is to provide financial and mental wellbeing support to construction workers and their families in crisis and in 2019 we saw a 56% increase in the number of calls to our helpline with 2616 families receiving £703,641 of charitable support from us.   

We are proud to support the Lighthouse club and look forward to more fund raising activities for them this year. For further information on te Lighthouse Club, visit 

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