Working for a brand new client, we are providing the hoist package for the £100 million Hendon Hyde project in North-West London. This project is a regeneration of a 3.6 acre site formerly containing a hardware megastore and car park. Hendon Hyde will be formed of 10 new buildings containing 386 private and affordable homes. Facilities will include a GP surgery and a Gym, but most notably, the complex will be adding significant co-working space, attracting entrepreneurs and start-ups to Colindale as a whole. 

Hendon Hyde is seen as a significant part of Brent Council's 'corridor of change' initiative. In accordance, they described their vision for the area as being 'a thriving mixed-use urban corridor providing a focus for employment, housing and retailing.'

The modern complex is set for completion in 2019.



1. When were the Common Tower and Colossus Hoist developed - how long have they been available?

2. Do they have any unique features that offer an advantage over existing systems?

3. Can you briefly describe your role on the Madison project - i.e. what systems are you supplying (including any standard scaffolding in addition to the towers/hoists)?

4. What quantity of equipment is being supplied?

5. What will each system be used for and how will they be used?

6. How did Brogan win the access contract? Have you worked with Balfour Beatty before?

7. When did you start on site? When will you complete your work on site?

8. What's the value of your contract?

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