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1 Apr 2008

Brogan Group employees complete new training in SG4-05

Brogan Group are currently in the last phase of safety training with our scaffolders in Ireland on the revised NASC Safety Guideline SG4:05, on the prevention of falls in scaffolding and falsework.

The training is designed to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to attendees on how to inspect harnesses and the correct use of safety harnesses when erecting, altering and dismantling scaffolding. 

Training culminates in a theory test and following successful completion, a certificate is presented to all employees to acknowledge that they have been successful in achieving the standards required. 

Brogan Group will have completed all employee training in Ireland for the revised SG4:05 guidelines (released this year) when our Cork employees complete their training this week. 

Training for the same will be provided to all UK employees next month.