Brogan Group recently organised an anti-smoking health initiative at a North London Construction site we are currently working on.

The ‘Breathe Stop Smoking Service’ was brought in to deliver advice to Brogan employees in addition to the wider site team who are thinking about or trying to stop smoking.

The well-being event was designed to promote open honest conversation around physical health and is part of Brogan’s wider Health, Safety and Wellbeing support that includes a dedicated SHEQ team and a number of fully trained mental health ‘First Aiders’ who are on hand to support our site and office teams.

The anti-smoking initiative was run by Solutions 4 Health who are commissioned by Camden and Islington Council. On the day, operatives were offered a C02 lung test, advice and a support pack and nicotine replacement therapy medication, all free to the operative.

The Breathe Stop Smoking Service began in 2017 after stats found that Smoking was one of the leading causes of death in Camden and Islington, claiming up to 574 lives each year per 100,000 residents and there were 4,120 smoking-related hospital admissions per 100,000 (PHE, 2015).

Find out more about the initiative Reasons to stop smoking - Breathe (

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