In 2023 we won over 300 projects and worked with 42 new clients in addition to our existing long term client base.

Approximately 700 Mastclimbers were installed including several on new projects in Saudi Arabia for our Saudi Company.

Approximately 380 Hoists were installed including five of our 5 tonne Colossus and Mammoth Hoists and twelve 5 tonne goods hoists in various locations including UK and Germany.

Our Common Towers showed a big increase in the year also with 8 towers installed on 7 projects.

Brogan Group contracted with over 150 clients in the year. The largest project being Canary Wharf, London, where we installed 17 Hoists and 2 Common Towers.

In scaffolding 2023 we saw the commencement of our largest Ireland project (38,000m²) on a residential project outside Dublin. This project alone had approx. 40,000 scaffold boards on site at peak.

In UAE we worked on its largest project to date, a large museum in Abu Dhabi with 200+ scaffolders on site installing 5000 Tonnes of scaffold. In the UK our largest City of London scaffold project for us in 2023 was at Blossom St which was successfully completed.



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