Our entire range of Brogan Crane Decks™ is now fully available to main contractors for construction projects of all sizes in Ireland. 

Building space is becoming more and more valuable, both, in Ireland and around the globe. The Strain on construction companies to build taller, narrower and less intrusive buildings is constantly growing. Our cantilevered loading platforms are a highly cost-effective solution to the challenges of loading and removing of materials on sites that are logistically constricted.

Brogan Crane Decks™ allow for fast installation and removal when positioning at the required loading heights of the building and when repositioning as work progresses. Our crane decks provide improved safety for personnel working at any height because of a number of features included. Firstly, the deck itself is designed to reduce the likelihood of personnel slipping. Beyond this, there are enclosed side panels and numerous safety harness attachment points. Uniquely, the decks that we use also have an outer rail which allows for long loads to be landed on the platform without opening a gate, which is potentially hazardous for workers. 

Clients can decide between a rolling or fixed platform crane deck. Fixed platforms are extremely reliable applications, suitable for general use on site when retractability is not required. However, if there are special requirements for a project, such as the need for simultaneous access to different levels at one lifting point, our retractable rolling loading decks provide a very efficient solution to limited lifting facilities. The loading deck is suspended from the base of the main load-bearing beam, whilst still leaving maximum head room onto the floor slab. These decks can then be easily rolled in and out by just one person. 

The range of retractable platforms we offer can extend outwards up to 9 metres and retract to 6 metres, they can be 3.2 metres in width and can include a loading area measuring 4.5 x 2.65 metres. Fixed platforms are 7.5 metres in length, 2.84 metres wide and have loading areas of 4.1 x 2.67 metres. Both, fixed and retractable crane decks can safely carry up to 5000kg of material (SWL) in the largest sizes. 

We are currently supplying a number of rolling crane decks for the renovation of the Harcourt Centre in Dublin 2. Initially developed in 1998, this is a six-storey over basement building with 28,900 square feet of office space. Owned by the major office service company, Regus, it is home to a wide range of businesses from recruitment and insurance companies, to the Irish film distribution branch of NBC Universal.

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