Brogan Group will be deploying the Common Tower & Hoist on a new curved 58-storey apartment building in Canary Wharf.

Several Brogan Hoists, attached to the Common Tower, will service 180m on this 552-apartment building.

Brogan’s largest capacity Hoist, the ‘Mammoth’, with a cage size of 5.0 x 3.0m and a 5.5 Tonne max capacity, will be connected alongside twin and single goods/passenger Hoists. A staircase will also be integrated into the Common Tower.

Only the Common Tower will be attached to the building, rather than Hoists spread across multiple elevations, meaning fewer openings are required for access. This will allow façade works to continue uninterrupted elsewhere on the building.

Working closely with the client a new scheme was developed for the closing-up of the façade with specially created sacrificial L-shaped ties designed. These specifications will be used to make bespoke Façade panels that will fit around the remaining ties.

Once complete the tower will have over 16,000 sq. ft of residence amenities including gyms, a library and sun terraces overlooking the dock.

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