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22 Jan 2018

Bracknell’s new landmark building, Royal Winchester House


Brogan Group are involved in a major new project involving the construction of a landmark building named Royal Winchester House, in Bracknell. The location of the build had been vacant since 2015, when the controversial Winchester House, owned by a science-based technology company called 3M, was demolished. Brogan Group's remit for this project is the installation of a 70-metre-high, twin hoist, providing safe access to 20 landings.

The development will form a central part of Bracknell's wider regeneration by adding 311 flats, a gym and space for restaurant or retail use to the area. The profile of the 19 storey building incorporates multi-levelled roof terraces for residents above the 10th floor.

The project's completion is estimated for the end of 2018.

Brogan[JB1]  Group's remit for this project is the installation of a 70-meter-high, twin hoist providing safe access to 20 landings.,  [JB2] 

 [JB1]Mention our involvement earlier on or else it almost sounds like an afterthought.

 [JB2]Is this the end of then sentence? It nds in a comma so I’m not sure if there’s something missing landings for cladding access or landings for interior fit outs?