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1 Aug 2009

Behavioural Safety

Health & Safety in the workplace is influenced by a number of factors, from the organisational environment through management attitude and commitment to the nature of the job or task and the personal attributes of the individual. Safety-related behaviour in the workplace can be modified by addressing these major influences.

One way to improve safety performance is to introduce a behavioural safety process that identifies and reinforces safe behaviour and reduces unsafe behaviour.

In conjunction with our external Health & Safety consultants, Safety & Access Ltd, Brogan Group operates a programme of Behavioural Safety training, which provides our workforce with a sound understanding of behavioural influences in the workplace and the benefits of reducing accidents, incidents and near misses.

This programme is being rolled out across all of our workforce over the coming months to develop each individual's understanding of the influence that they have on the health and safety performance of the company in everything that they 

Some of the business benefits that can result from such a programme can include:

•    Improved Safety Culture
•    Motivates Staff to take Personal Responsibility
•    Improves Morale 
•    Reduced Costs and Downtime