Brogan are erecting another hoist this Friday at the "Vantage" site in Leopardstown for John Sisk & Son.

The ECP 1500 hoist will be erected to enable works up to 11 floors starting early next week at Block F1. This will be the third ECP 1500 hoist erected at this site, adding to a substantial amount of Brogan access machinery already present there.

There are currently 2 SC5000 mastclimbers (max. capacity 2.7 tonnes) on site at Leopardstown, as well as 15 single 3000 mastclimbers (1-1.5 tonne capacity), 1 twin 3000 mastclimber (3 tonne twin load, wider work span) and (now) 3 ECP 1500 Hoists (1-1.5 tonne capacity). 

Both the mastclimbers and hoists were erected "piece by piece" by hand, limiting the use for craneage on site. Following the positioning of the base by crane, all single and twin mastclimbers and hoists were erected using only 2-3 personnel for each one and the client has been vey happy with our fast "order- to- construction- to- handover" turnaround time, using the minimum amount of resources necessary.

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