All hail Colossus II!

We have recently taken delivery of another Colossus hoist. The first was custom built for a major tower build project at Canary Wharf. For this, it was commissioned to work in tandem with our Common Tower, facilitating the installation of pre-fabricated bathroom pods on the lower floors as the tower was still being constructed above.

With gargantuan lifting capabilities, the Brogan Group Colossus is one of the biggest hoists in the UK. Its internal lifting cage dimensions are 5.0m x 3.0m x 2.4m with a maximum payload of 4000kg/45 Persons. It can lift as high as 350m whilst anchored at a speed of 40.0m Per Minute.

It offers clients even more options, particularly for large scale projects, with optional extras that include Call System, Steel Run Offs, Hoist Protection at Landing, Steel Bridges and Anemometer.

This is part of our continued strategic investment in the best access technology and machinery. As our clients design and manage increasingly larger and ambitious projects, we continue to innovate and invest heavily in the fleet and apparatus that facilitate them. We are unrivalled in our range of modern equipment, our expertise in designing and servicing the most efficient access schemes for complex projects and in our ability to work alongside clients at pre-planning stages, even supplying bespoke solutions for unique, aspirational landmark projects.

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