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30 Jan 2019

Al Maryah Central Mall, Abu Dhabi


We are providing the scaffold package to what will be an iconic shopping centre in Al Maryah, Abu Dhabi. The package is set to include the erection, adaptation and dismantling of the access scaffold.

Al Maryah to the North East of Abu Dhabi covers approximately 114 hectares and is currently being developed by Mubadala (a government owned stock company). A $1.5 billion shopping centre is being built in the middle of Al Maryah Island to further cement the plan for it to become a new city centre. The 2.8 million sq.ft shopping centre will become a hub to the island, boasting an array of retail stores, 100 restaurants and cafes, a cinema with an IMAX, a medical centre, a health-club and many other amenities.