The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card is the industry's largest scheme and, at present, covers 220 occupations including trades, technical, supervisory and management.

The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) is the largest and most recognised card scheme for the plant industry and proves the skills of plant operators and highlights their health and safety awareness.

Brogan Group is committed to training and year on year we heavily invest to ensure personnel are competent and qualified to perform in a safe and secure manner. Last month, more than 20 Brogan Group operatives were trained to CPCS level in various plant qualifications including:

A40 Slinger / Signaller 

The operator must demonstrate the following:

�    Understands the standard code of signals
�    Can direct the actions of a crane moving loads of various weights giving clear signals
�    Establish and communicate to the crane operator the weight and dimensions of loads
�    Can spot potential hazards and knows how to overcome them
�    Can determine the serviceability, maintenance and storage of lifting tackle
�    Can select the appropriate lifting tackle and can attach and detach it safely

A17 Telescopic Handler

The operator must demonstrate the following:

�    Can decide whether a load is safe to lift
�    Can prepare and drive the telescopic handler
�    Understands the effect of load, size, weight, gradients and ground conditions upon machine stability
�    How the machine works and it's maintenance requirements
�    The purpose and capability of the machine
�    The loading, storage and transit of representative materials, scaffold and construction of pallets

A36 Lorry Loader 

The operator must demonstrate that they understand the following:

�    Loader capabilities, operation and safety precautions
�    Basic machine maintenance
�    Ground conditions and stability
�    The safe use of lifting equipment and transportation of loads

For further training and development information, please visit the training section of the website.


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