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1 Jan 2009

19 employees successfully complete Slinger/Signaller training

We are committed to ensuring all our plant operatives are qualified to perform in a safe and secure manor. 

On this note we are pleased to announce that nineteen of our operators have recently been trained in Slinger/Signaller training.

The course aims to provide initial training and assessment towards the achievement of a Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) Trained Operator Card.

Course content covers various aspects of crane operation including; 
•    Duties & responsibilities of a slinger/signaller
•    Establishing weight and dimensions of loads
•    Communicating loads to the crane operator
•    Giving clear and unambiguous signals
•    Selecting, attaching and detaching appropriate lifting tackle
•    Servicing and maintaining lifting tackle
•    Varying angles of multi-leg slings
•    How to overcome potential hazards
•    standard code of signals
•    Crane safety devices